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Pregnancy and Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique can be very useful for both parents. By learning the method mind and body are made to work together, supervise bad postural habits, correct incorrect movements, develop balance and coordination. It helps the expectant mother to understand and correct changes in posture due to the pregnancy. The method can also help both parents cope with the effort of getting up and moving preceding after the baby's arrival.
The number of lifting increase (such as baby, pram, child seat etc.) and the angle of lifting is not always simple.

The lower bachache is a well known notion among pregnant women. As the baby grows the body’s centre of gravity relocate towards the abdominal wall that mostly the expectant mother compensate by leaning backwards from the lower back. This compensation causes unnecessary tension at the sacrum and the waist which of course conduce to pain. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with it! On the Alexander technique lesson the teacher will show you how to relieve your waist and easily accomodate to the changes of gravity.

Breathing and digestive problems
As the foetus develops in the mother's womb it takes up more space and as a result the intra abdominal organs and diaphragm are compressed , this not only leads to digestive complications but it also makes it more difficult for the mother to breath. This breathing difficulty has a great influence on the mothers posture, especially when resting as she endeavours to find the most comfortable position in which to lie. This compromise between healthy and unhealthy resting positions often leads to incorrect posture, this is not uncommon in pregnancy, however with the help of the Alexander Technique the symptoms are considerably decreased by the body's expressive but invisible expansion. By using the Alexander Technique the tension between the organs subsides and the mother's breathing becomes much easier, leaving her with more energy. These complaints associated with breathing and posture can be avoided altogether for those expectant mothers who begin Alexander lessons in the earlier stages of pregnancy, as soon as daily activities become continually more tiring with the foetus growth, the expectant mother can put into practice that which she has learned, enjoying freer, less fatiguing movement.

Labour and delivery
At the first stage of labour when the cervix begin to extend the mother does nothing consciously for delivery. However she can help the process by bringing the changes in her consciousness, try to relax and abandon herself to the pain cause by contraction of uterus. Later on the pain becomes stronger and it is very difficult to accept that the pain is normal and control herselfs for those who are not prepared. The teacher of the Alexander Technique can help you with preparation for labour and delivery thereby she teaches the young mother how to breath, sit and squat comfortably. She can learn how to be able consiously letting the pelvis to extend and make use of the benefit of gravitation as the baby traverse the birth canal. Breathing is very important under labour and delivery as it is surely influences the baby’s oxigen state of supply and helps with relaxation and concentration. The teacher also teaches how to tolerate pain rather eliminate it. The partner is likewise a big help if he knows the principle of Alexander technicque and use it on himself while supporting the pregnant with his own body.

In the case of caesarian section whether planned or unplanned correct posture is essential, it assists in the process of organ repositioning and wound healing. As with many aspects of our life, when we don't live or move in a healthy way we soon begin to experience problems. So it is with the human body. When we get into wrong habits our body soon deteriorates, over time this deterioration is accompanied by pain.

Breast-feeding is the greatest imprtance at the beginning of motherhood. Not just because it supports intimate mother-baby relationship, but we all know that this time the baby obtains the most important antibodies. Considering that breast-feeding is more times a day, it is practical to do it in a most comfortable position. The baby is able to sense all matherly restlessness and discomfort. In a situation like this, their feeling of security reduce and they get restlessness too. With the help of Alexander technique we can learn how to use furnitures for getting the optimal support for our body and find a position that stays comfortable over a longer period.