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For whom is the method recommended
and what are the results?



Pregnant women:

Alexander technique - pregnant- no back pain

necessary changes in posture, correction of movement that helps with  the pain originating from pregnancy, back-, hip-, leg pain. The body becomes light, relieves indisposition, brings an inner peace as the connection between mother and fetus strengthens.




 Alexander technique for musitions - easy play

correction of bad posture relating to holding instruments, unnecessary muscle tension, music and playing becomes lighter, the musician does not exhaust him/herself easily and the quality of performance improves. There are international dance groups, bands and orchestras throughout the U.S.A, Australia and Great Britain that rely on the preparation program of the Alexander technique.



 Alexander Technique for singers

clearer respiratory tracks, lighter chest, lung capacity expands.



 Alexander technique for the stage

easier movement, self confidence, expands physical and mental ability. Several drama schools and universities apply the method. 


Athletes, dancers:

 Alexander technique for actors and dancers

free, light movement, energy, a more coordinated movement, right breathing technique, higher achievement, less stress on joints.



 Alexander technique for children - keep the good posture

correction of posture relating to sitting, crouching, etc., corrects spinal problems, splay-foot, develops coordination.



Coaches/gym teachers:

 Alexander technique for trainers

higher standard of education, prevention of injury, a more effective way of recognizing faults.



 after accident - rehabilitation

effectiveness of rehabilitation increases.


Computer professionals:

 For people sitting all day long - against back pain

Spinal, joint, neck tension relief.


Business professionals, managers:

 For business people - good posture

achievement development, tension relief, confidence.



 For eldery - to move easily

 regain of muscle tone, easier movement, stronger body, slowing down the process of aging (joints, abrasion), regaining of strength for life, more energy.


Interested individuals:

 Ask what way the AT can be good for you

all of the above. Mastering the Alexander technique helps people to keep self confidence even during the process of aging. Those who encounter problems at any stage in their life, with the technique, can manage and experience changes.