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When I first heard of the Alexander Technique I was a little curious so I decided to do some research of my own. Eventually I attended a lesson, though I had no apparent need for AT at the time, no pain, no discoordination or functional problems, however after my initial experience I knew straight away that this method was something everyone should know about and experience for themselves. After studying and using the techniques myself I now have a great desire to tell the rest of the world the countless benefits of AT. Over time of course changes happened with my own self and these changes continue, gradual improvements in my health and sense of wellbeing which make life easier and now I’m able pass on my knowledge and experience to others with a great sense of love and fulfillment.


The main reason behind putting up this site was that very few people in Hungary have heard of Alexander Technique and even fewer understand what it is. So (in the end of 2005) with the desire to create an informative Hungarian Alexander Technique website I began searching for as much information as possible, taking photos, recollecting and documenting my experiences. I trust you will find it helpful in introducing you too, and encouraging you along the path to improved health and a greater sense of well being. Needless to say that this site will also over time experience it's own little adjustments as we continue updating and improving content and format. So welcome and enjoy!


Anita Tósoki

International Alexander Technique teacher
Alexander Technique International (ATI) board member
Association of Hun AT teachers (ATE)

Graduated midwife