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Using computer and the Alexander Technique 


Since you have arrived to this part of the site it is quite obvious that you use the computer a lot and have realized already that it matters how you do it.

Nowadays many more companies are organizing Alexander Technique lessons as they realize the overall benefits this brings to the health and performance of the companies employees.

The way of sitting is mainly influenced by the furniture and the persons point of focus. Being seated for hours a day greatly influences our posture, whatever we do afterwards and the functioning of our organs. Many computer users complain of headaches, stiff neck, backaches and most of them are aware of the origin of these symptoms. However, not many people are aware that other health complications such as problems with digestion, disturbed concentration, varicose veins, just to name a few are caused by a tendency to sit using poor positioning of self. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then I have good news for you !

You don’t have to live with those problems!

While we are talking about sitting in front of the computer, let’s take a look at how to sit correctly.

Whatever we do, we are involved with physical forces. With correct posture, these forces help us to move, to rest, and to work with minimal stress and tension on the body. For example, if we turn our attention to the head, the head weighs approximately 6 - 8kgs and is supported by the spine which the lower part thereof is surrounded by the pelvis supported by the legs which are supported by the ground. Since the body doesn’t need any other support to stay composed, neither does it require any stress to stand or sit.


right posture

When the head is in balanced on top of the spine there is no need for the neck muscles to tighten. However in most cases when the head is leaning forward ( lower picture ) the spine can’t support the head without the use of neck muscles to prevent it from falling further forward. This incorrect positioning of the head is one of the most common habits and most of the time we don’t even realize that our neck is tightened. This mentioned situation is the same with other parts of our body.


usual posture in front of computer

As the chest leans forward, not only it’s capacity decreases but internal organs and those under the chest are restricted, muscle tension on the back is also increased due to the weight. To compensate for these changes in center of gravity we tend to bend backwards from the lower back, however, this bending tightens the lower back muscles.
These practices are not inherent, we picked them up in the way we learned to use things and tools - table, chair, computer etc. We have practiced such movements until they have become bad habits.

The reason why Alexander Technique is so effective in developing good habits is because it attaches the mind and body to coorporate work and gives the nerve system a clue how to”tidy up” (arrange bones and joints back to the original position) the body without new muscle tension. By practicing the Alexander Technique we learn how to recognize those stimulus that are leading us and how to deal with them.