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The Alexander Technique in Budapest


If as children we were agile, energetic, free moving and flexible, why then that we become slow in movement, tired, tense, both physically and mentally by the time we become adults?

There are few who can preserve free use of the body in this rushed world, but with time, most of us develop a shortened version of movement, posture and way of thinking that becomes a habit, and parallel to it, the right sensation. We can not imagine ourselves any other way, and we believe that painful joints, stiff, rigid muscles and similar state of health are unpreventable and the direct result of stress and aging. 

What if we were capable of changing our habits, and we could learn to move freely, and function in a more natural way?

With learning the Alexander Technique, this is what we do.


The Alexander Technique is a form of education that is applied to recognize and overcome reactive, habitual limitations in movement and thinking.


What our posture shows

Our posture is a way of self expression, it suggests what we feel and think – our fears, worries and doubts, our delights, dreams and successes. It mirrors our reactions, inner answers to life and it carries from a deep, an affect on the whole body and mind. The Alexander Technique helps develop the connection between the mind and body, gives the option of choice of how we react to certain things, and it makes it possible to take control of our conscious mind.

The Alexander Technique is a unique way of teaching movement, and with its help, eliminates needless tension in the best interest of effective movement.

We would not even think of how many muscle functions we do not know about, we apply them in improper ways, and how many problems this can actually cause us. The technique, the learning process of the mind and body, through which we free ourselves of unnecessary tension, develops free and easy movement and corrects supports, and fixes balance and coordination. This way of learning, a cooperation of the mind and body, can not be mastered as a part of treatment or exercise, it is an intelligent form of solving the problems of the body.

The main idea behind the method is, that with the assistance of deeper senses, the body is taught to let go of unhealthy habits, which are the unnecessary or incorrect functioning of different muscle groups responsible for changing placement and position.

The technique is based on insights of over tension of the head, neck and back area. Applying the technique, the conscious mind regains power to lead the body to regain its health. The work of the mind and the body together, and the harmony between the two is the method.

The Alexander Technique is a psyche-physical reteaching method, which helps to teach the body in a passive way to move, and to lead the nervous system to a finer, deeper sensory function.

The method is complete with through connection between teacher and pupil, which seems no more than a touch. With this touch, information exchange takes place from the teachers hand, (can be felt, but not easily described) which leads to inner courses, and with regular practice, puts the body in order.

The application has been proven effective on the human body, and with regular activity, the body does not deteriorate.